BEYOND® International Inc. Partners with Dental Care for Children


BEYOND® International Inc., global leaders in aesthetic dental products, is proud to announce their partnership with Dental Care for Children on their mission to provide dental services for underprivileged children around the world who do not have access to adequate dental care.

Dental Care for Children is an organization with a simple concept. Provide free dental services for children that did not have access to care. They have been running clinics in areas around the world in need including Haiti, Morocco, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, and Uganda, as well as areas within the United States.

BEYOND® International Inc. will donate proceeds to DCFC from the sales of their new BEYOND® Gemini® Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition. The Gemini® is the most advanced home whitening system guaranteed to provide fresh, safe, and brilliant results in just one hour. There is no limit on the dollar amount that BEYOND® International Inc. will donate to this cause and hope to make a measurable difference in children’s oral health.

Read more about our partnership and our mission by visiting our website or by visiting DCFC website.